About Spatial@AMSA

Spatial@AMSA is an interactive online system designed to provide an interface for the organisations that consume GIS Data From AMSA. It shows GIS artifacts to be downloaded.

In order to use Spatial@AMSA you must configure your browser to accept cookies. Cookies are pieces of information a website can transfer to an individual's computer hard drive through a website. In Spatial@AMSA, cookies are used to help identify you during your secure session. You must also configure your browser to allow Javascript to operate. Javascript provides a more satisfying user experience and without it some web pages will not operate as intended.

Spatial@AMSA has been designed for use on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. It has also been designed to operate on various web browsers. However, due to the large number of devices and web browsers currently in circulation, Spatial@AMSA cannot be guaranteed for use on all devices and browsers.

Spatial@AMSA has been tested for use as follows:
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8; Apple mobile operating systems iOS 7.x; Android mobile operating system version 4.x.
  • Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.x and above; Latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using operating systems or web browsers that are not listed above, Spatial@AMSA may not work as expected.

Note that Spatial@AMSA response time may be affected by your connection speed and the processor speed of the device you are using.