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Australian Seafarers' Welfare Council

Maritime Safety Awareness Bulletins

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) publish a Maritime Safety Awareness bulletin bi-annually. Through the analyses of incident data trends, this bulletin raises awareness on safety issues in the maritime industry. It also provides advice and recommendations on important safety and welfare topics to seafarers, ship owners, operators and industry groups.

Issue 13—Preventing container loss

In this issue, read about how container loss affects the environment and what measures should be taken to prevent it from happening.

Read issue 13.

Issue 12—Managing mental health at sea

Read about how the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on seafarer mental health and wellbeing and ways of managing mental health at sea.

Read issue 12.

Issue 11—Fire prevention on vessels

We explore safety factors associated with fire, highlighting the risks and ways to mitigate fires at sea including information on the following key safety factors: maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems, maintenance of fire protection equipment and importance of safety culture.

Read issue 11.

Issue 10—Safe vessel access

In this issue, we focus on safe access to vessels, including safe rigging of access equipment, managing the risks for personal safety while rigging and maintenance and inspection of access equipment.

Read issue 10.

Issue 9—Maintenance

Read how essential it is to identify, address and manage maintenance related risks as part of your vessel’s safety management system.

Read issue 9.

Issue 8—Marine Incident reporting

This issue discusses marine incident reporting and the important role it plays in shaping maritime safety.

Read issue 8.

Issue 7—Mental health

Read about an increasing area of concern – mental health amongst seafarers. This issue looks at findings from some of the most current studies and suggestions on how to support well-being and good mental health at sea.

Read issue 7.

Issue 6—Risk assessment

This issue describes three events where risk identification was found to be inadequate, or risks have been identified but control measures were not effectively implemented. This bulletin discusses the importance of a proper risk assessment.

Read issue 6.

Issue 5—Fatigue

Fatigue is a safety hazard that needs to be managed, this issue focuses on the causes and consequences of fatigue and strategies to help control and manage the associated risks.

Read issue 5.

Issue 4—Working over the side

This issue focuses on the risks with working over the side of a vessel and how good safety culture on board can prevent unsafe practices.

Read issue 4.

Issue 3—Electrical safety

This bulletin explores electrical safety through AMSA data and aims to provide further awareness and recommended actions that will promote effective electrical safety culture on board.

Read issue 3.

Issue 2—Mooring safety

This issue provides an overview of the factors associated with mooring incidents and guidance to assist in approving safety.

Read issue 2.

Issue 1—Working at heights

This issue focuses on height safety in Australian waters, providing fall from height statistics and discussing how safety culture can reduce accidents in this area.

Read issue 1.

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