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Australian legislation

In Australia the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 has been implemented primarily through the Navigation Act 2012 and associated delegated legislation (Marine Orders). Elements of the MLC 2006 not captured by the Navigation Act 2012 or Marine Orders are covered in other commonwealth legislation listed below.

The Navigation Act 2012 and Marine Order 11 (Living and working conditions on vessels) 2013 commenced on 1 July 2013.

Marine Order 11 replaces the following Orders that existed under the Navigation Act 1912:

  • Marine Orders - Part 10: Medical first aid on ships
  • Marine Orders - Part 11: Substandard ships
  • Marine Orders - Part 14: Accommodation
  • Marine Orders - Part 53: Employment of crews.

Note: The accommodation requirements prescribed in Marine Orders - Part 14, issue 1 (Accommodation) as in force on 30 June 2013 will continue to apply to vessels constructed prior to 20 August 2013.

Other commonwealth legislation and Marine Orders that encompass aspects of the MLC, 2006, are:

  • The Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime Industry) Act 1993
  • The Fair Work Act 2009
  • The Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1992
  • Marine Order 70-73 (Seagoing qualifications series)
  • Marine Order 9 (Health – medical fitness)
  • Marine Order 15 (Construction – fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction)
  • Marine Order 21 (Safety of navigation and emergency procedures)
  • Marine Order 28 (Operations standards and procedures).

All Marine Orders can be accessed on the AMSA website.

Commonwealth legislation and regulations (including Marine Orders) are available at the Australian Government ComLaw website.

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