APHoMSA: Asia-Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies

The Asia-Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies (APHoMSA) forum was established in 1996 to promote safe, secure shipping and a clean marine environment within the Asia-Pacific region.

APHoMSA achieves this by bringing together senior maritime officials to build and maintain a strong understanding of shared maritime issues, identify and coordinate technical cooperation efforts and represent the region's interest in enhancing international standards.

Members are committed to improving cooperation and exchange of information on maritime security, maritime safety, marine environment protection and safety of people at sea.

APHoMSA is held annually. The Republic of Korea will host the APHoMSA forum in 2019, and Canada in 2020.

Map of APHoMSA Members (as listed above), and eligible Members (countries and territories located on the Pacific Rim).
Legend for the map of APHoMSA Members and eligible Members, above.  Blue = Members, grey = eligible Members.  A list of Members is available on the Membership page.